We have some big news!

Dear Valued customers,

Just a few months shy of our five-year anniversary, we are pleased and excited to announce that we will be closing this chapter of our business in the Grand Promenade shopping center and starting the next chapter at a new location! (Don’t worry it’s just down the street).

While researching a new location we had certain criteria we were looking for: we wanted a location that would be an important part of the community, we wanted a building that was standalone, and we wanted a building that was larger than our current space.  We found all of that and more in the old Faulk Brothers Hardware building.  For 50 years, all your local hardware store needs could be met by stopping by this building on  5744 N. Tryon St.

The owners of the business vacated the building in November of 2014 for a smaller location just down the street.  We are happy to be moving into the building that has been a staple in the community for so long.  With this new location, we have multiple new opportunities for the store.

We are expanding and re-naming our coffee shop, as well as partnering with a local bakery to provide you with bagels and pastries while you shop.  We plan on expanding our inventory to include new titles and lots of fun displays.  The space is more than twice the size of our current space so we will be able to sell more things, have more nooks and crannies for you to read in, and we might get a fish tank.

We will remain in our current space until sometime in November.  Over the next few months, we’ll be working in the new space to renovate, paint, and revamp.  There will be multiple opportunities for you, the customer, to earn store credit during this process.  We are trying to transition into the new space as smoothly as possible, and would love to reach out to you in order to do that.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for information on these opportunities.  We would also love to hear your ideas!  Feel free to discuss your ideas with us in the store or on Facebook.

Thank you for your continued support!
The Last Word


UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming response there will be no store cat. Thanks for your feedback!