Book Signing by KaToi Love

6/25/16 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Book Signing June 25th 12-2pm​
Cursed by the Candy
by KaToi Love

About the Book

“Cursed by the Candy “is an urban love tale. Toi’s existence revolved around the materials only a hustler could provide. Money, cars and status were a necessity in order to even approach her. Come correct or don’t come at all, that was her philosophy .The avenues she traveled, presented her with life learning experiences. The “candy” was sweet, however the consequences weren’t. Money was her motivation, but love took her soul. PJ introduced her to the game, but D is why she played it. Follow Toi’s journey down to “Candy” Land and ask yourself …was it worth it?

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About the Author

KaToi Love is a business owner and author of the highly anticipated novel "Cursed by the Candy, "published by Print House Books. KaToi was born in Washington DC, however was raised in Brockton Ma and Norfolk VA. She currently resides in Charlotte NC. KaToi, loves to empower women with her greeting card apparel company, Street Confessions words from the Soul. This Entrepreneur as had the opportunity of being a featured writer in several magazines and celebrity entertainment blogs.
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