Nakiska J Book Signing

10/14/17 1:00pm to 3:00pm

October 14th 1pm-3pm
"Church From the Eyes of a Saint"
by Nakiska J

About the Book

The book From The Eyes Of A Saint captures the real life spiritual growth of a young African American woman living in the South within a four year span from the age range of 25 to 30 years of age. Each chapter recaps the author's transition from a lifestyle of spiritual bondage into the spiritual awakening of her spiritual gifting's and her true identity to include the prophetic realm while giving accounts of different experiences she has had within the different church ministries she has attended and a few recaps of childhood experiences that helped her grow and identify with her new found identity in Christ as a \"Saint\" (one set apart).  Each chapter has its own lesson that was learned through the author's various accounts mentioned, but through each lesson the author is encouraging her readers to seek God further in their own spiritual walk, encouraging them to find and embrace their spiritual gifting's, encouraging them to learn God for themselves, and aspiring them to have faith in Christ in his or her spiritual walk after salvation. The book's target audience is for more mature readers ranging from early 20's to late 30's. The author takes the reader on her journey as she transitions from one church denomination to another (COGIC to Non-Denominational), and as she transitions spiritually from the traditional roots of church to that on non-traditional roots while being spiritually guided by the Holy Spirit. However, the author wrote the book beginning with her church experience in a denominational church that she attended where her spiritual journey and transition began to take place.

About the Author

Nakiska J (formerly known as Shoneika N Jefferson) is a native of South Carolina currently residing in Georgia. She is the middle child of three siblings raised single handedly by her divorced mother. She graduated from Augusta State University with her BA in Sociology and AA in Psychology in 2009. She is the mother of one daughter. Currently she runs a non-profit corporation called Praise With A Purpose Inc., she is a new Gospel artist who released her first single “Call Jesus” under her artist name Nakiska J, and she is a stage play actress.

She grew up in the church and her foundation for Christ was set at a young age. She received Salvation at the age of seven and due to various experiences she had in life, she always kept a relationship with God even if it was just to pray for others or herself. Anyone that has encountered her in such a way would say she loves people; she is an encourager at heart, and she loves imparting wisdom into other’s to help them spiritually grow as she has. Through her own experiences, she found herself and her purpose as she gained an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus and encourages other’s to do the same even if it looks peculiar to others. Nakiska enjoys reading poetry, books about prophetic gifts, and inspirational books.

Twitter: @IamNakiskaJ