Sherryl Jones Book Signing

2/18/17 2:00pm to 4:00pm

February 18th 2pm-4pm
"Empowering Stories of Triumph and Courage"
by Sherryl Jones

About the Book

Empowering Stories of Triumph and Courage is a Spirit based book of inspiration and encouragement. The compilation of stories are actual testimonies from men and women who have suffered hardships and in some cases, life threatening situations but because of their faith in God survived. The intent of this book is to encourage individuals that are experiencing their own personal hardships and feeling that there is no help and no chance of survival. The promises of God is universal and the guarantee of deliverance, peace and hope is undeniable to those that choose to trust and obey His commandments. There is no promise that our lives would be conflict free or that we will never encounter pain, sadness or face adversity. There is however the promise of that there is an avenue of escape from all adversities and conflicts and the guarantee that as we travel that avenue we will not be alone or unprotected. I encourage you to read this book and be witness to the miraculous handiworks of God in times of trouble. This same God is ready and able to be there for you should you ever need Him.

Her other books include:
"Under New Management" A scriptural guide to spiritual restoration, inner peace, and financial gain as you learn how to survive the 'Happenings of Life'.
"I Love You Lillie" and "Eunique's Unique Collection of Stories." Two children's books that are co-authored by Eunique Teasley, a 6 year old first time author.

About the Author

Sherryl Jones is a multi-talented Christian single mother of 9 and grandmother of serving 10 and lives in the Queen City after retiring and leaving the Big Apple. She wars many hats; International gospel Recording Artist, Playwright, Radio Show Host, Author, Ordained Elder, Motivational Speaker and Christian Counselor.  Sherryl loves the arts, singing, helping others realize the greatness they possess and serving God who is the head of her life.

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