Magic the Gathering: FNM

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1st Friday of the Month - Standard 7pm
2nd Friday of the Month - Modern* 7pm
3rd Friday of the Month - Standard 7pm
4th Friday of the Month - Modern* 7pm
(5th Friday if there is one: Legacy 7pm)

Please see Matt in the buy area if you have any questions.
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During the following times:

​Monday: Call Ahead
Tuesday: 12pm-7pm
​Wednesday: Call Ahead
Thursday: 12pm-7pm
Friday: 12pm-4pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
​Sunday: Off

You are always welcome to drop off orders anytime during business hours and we will call or e-mail you when the order is ready.

The Last Word is sanctioned by Magic the Gathering©.
We will be hosting Friday Night Magic (FNM) every Friday unless posted otherwise.
All participants must be signed in by 6:30pm, opening round starts at 7:00pm.
All cards must be sleeved. No proxies (fake cards) allowed.

*- Modern Format <- Click for Modern deck information and Banned List
(Older cards may be used if they were reprinted in a set with a modern frame.)

Standard Format <- Click for current sets in Standard. Please adjust the cards in your deck as necessary. If found guilty of this ruling, you will be disqualified from the tournament.